Monday, November 21, 2011

Must have free accounts for Beginners

First things first your going to need to set-up a few different accounts. Some will be for promoting your site others will be for the design aspect of it..

First thing is an Google adsense (click-here) account these can take a few weeks to get approved... This is how your going to make your money, don't expect big things right out of the gate because you will not get them. Make sure you READ the rules for this account, DO NOT ever click on your ads your account will be ban and you will be dead in the water. I would be willing to bet Google pays employees millions of dollars a year to find people trying to defraud them of their money.. I will say it again DO NOT CLICK YOUR ADS!!

Next is the Blogger account also owned by Google (click-here to open a Blogger account) This account is what gives me the ability to get this information to you.. The possibility for this account are endless we will have a section dedicated only to creating posts..

A Photobucket account gives you the access to placing photos on the net so you can get them to your blogger account. You can open a Photobucket account (here) using this account is as simply as copying and pasting links and html code (don't worry its not as bad as it sounds). Below is an example of how a Photobucket account and html work. I call it a "clickable image link", its a picture that takes you to a different website.. Try it but make sure you come back!!

Twitter is another account you are going to want to get up and running, its a great tool for marketing. If you have never heard of twitter you must have been living under a rock for the past 5-7 years. Twitter is basically the worlds instant messenger, you can send a message to literally millions of people with the famous tweet button.. Follow me and I'll be your first follower (click here for my twitter) and we can begin working together an building a huge empire.

Having the access to a image creating software is another very great tool, I currently use Photoshop CS3. I know not everyone has the ability to go out and buy this software. I think that the cost for it is around $300 USD.. Microsoft Paint is another one that most of you will probably have on your computer already, Ill tell you now though that Photoshop is a far superior product to anything else on the market. Heres a link (Photoshop) to download the latest Photoshop trail I looked and could not find how long the trail is but they usually last 30 days.

Craigslist is currently where 90% of my traffic is coming from, I know its not the best place right now its working. Go to ( to sign -up for your account, the great thing about CL is that it gives you means of entry to the entire world.

So there you have it open those accounts and we can start our first post soon!!


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